Which web-searches brought people to wischik.com?

After the New York terrorist attack of September 11th 2001, there circulated a hoax email which claimed that Nostradamus had predicted such an attack on the "City of God". People were also reminded of the time when Baghdad, known then as the City of God, was sacked by Mongol invaders. At wischik.com, web-users found instead St Augustine's book "The City of God Against The Pagans" written in the fourth century AD when Rome was under attack by barbarian invaders. Augustine's message: this attack was not a punishment by the gods.

The computer game Black & White was released in March 2001, and its expansion pack in January 2002. Web-users were drawn to wischik.com for its extensive hints and tips on how to play the game effectively.

In February 2002, Lucian's Dancing Stick Figure plugin was listed at winamp.com. This generated a lot of interest, and increased Google's page-rank of our site. In September, the plugin was listed on www.windowsmedia.com as well. By the end of 2002, the plugin had been downloaded about half a million times.

With Google's newfound respect for wischik.com, around April 2002 it started to list Damon's Cookbook on its first page of results for various recipe searches. The salmon marinade is always the most popular, along with the traditional Polish dishes pierogi/pierozki and golabki. At Christmas everyone wants to make a Buche de Noël (chocolate Christmas log), and at New Year Vasilopita. April 2004 shows an Eastertime boost for festive recipe searches.

There is a dip around the start of March 2002 where we lost our web-logs. What a shame. The graph on this page was generated with zeitgeist, a helper-application for Analog. Both are freely downloadable.