Recommended Sticks with Music

This is a page of sticks and music that go well together!
You can make certain music trigger certain sticks automatically --
there are instructions at the bottom of this page.

President Bush, with
La Rumba (RZA).
Sadam, with
I Got the Feeling (James Brown).
"Too damn much... it should be used by the psyops guys in Iraq." -- mac.
Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, with
Imagine (John Lennon).
You can make it so that certain music triggers certain visualizations -- set it to Randomize, then open the Stick Figures folder and double-click on "Associate Sticks with Music". Here's how:
  1. Select "Randomize" in the list of sticks. This lets the computer pick sticks (according to the associations you will make).
  2. Go to your Stick Figures folder as follows:
    • In Winamp, right-click on the viz window and choose "Edit";
    • in WMP9, shift-right-click and choose "Edit";
    • in older versions of WMP, do Tools, Options, Plugins, Sticky, Properties and click the "Open Folder" button.
  3. Double-click on the icon for "Associate Sticks with Music".
  4. This opens up a dialog. The lower half of the dialog is a list of recently-played music which so far lacks an association.
  5. Double-click on one of these pieces, and you can set up an association for it.
  6. Click the Help button in the dialog if you need further help.
  7. If you just made an association but it hasn't yet had effect, make sure you close the dialog, and then quit and restart your music player.
If you have special favourites that you want to be listed here, please email them to me ( and I'll add them to this web page.