Panettone bread and butter pudding

Tags: Italian, English, dessert, pudding, custard
This is Damon's tweaked version. There is another version that we make at New Year, bigger and with more cream.
. Serves 4. 8 steps
215g panettone cut into 1cm slices, toast until golden Layer panettone and apricots in 1.25 litre baking dish, pour custard over. Bake in slow oven 35 minutes or until just set.
5 dried apricots slivered
220g cream   scald, discard cinnamon
500g milk
1 stick cinnamon
2 eggs beat   mix in
1 egg yolk
90g sugar
1 lemon's rind grated
If you cook it too long, the custard will curdle (but still taste just as nice).
This custard is very eggy!