Panettone bread and butter pudding with marsala

Tags: Italian, English, dessert, pudding, custard, Wischik, New Year
This is the recipe we normally make at New Year. There is another version, adjusted to be smaller and with less cream.
. Serves 12. 9 steps
500g panettone cut into 1cm slices, grill until golden on both sides Arrange panettone, interspersed with apricots, in a baking dish of capacity 2.5 litres. Pour over custard. Bake covered in a slow oven 50 minutes, stand 15 minutes
8 dried apricots slivered
6 eggs   beat
2 yolks
200g sugar
966ml double cream simmer   whisk in
738ml milk
1 stick cinnamon
3 lemon's rind grated
100ml marsala   mix in
Best served at room temperature