Analog stuff

Analog is a program for generating statistics about web sites. I have written some small helper-applications for it. They are presented on this page.


Sometimes your dnscache file will get corrupt entries. Usually because some visitor has a corrupt dns name, probably including spaces. This program repairs your dnscache file from such corrupt entries.

What Did I Find?

This program generates second-order statics in your analog report. For each line in the search reports, file reports, referrer report, request report, failure report, it shows:
⊕ - page on your site. (e.g. which pages were found by the search query; which pages the referrers pointed to).
◊ - referrer. (e.g. where did the request come from; who has a broken link)
† - visitor. (e.g. who made the search query; who requested that file)

The program is still under development. I think it has some bugs. Here is some sample output. Hover your cursor over the icons.

Referrer Report
 3569:         154: 
  155:         149: 
 2760:         134: 
 2307:          78: 
  434:          33: 

Search Query Report
         37: black and white hints 
         18: dragon screensaver 
         17: directdraw download 
         17: screen saver 

Request Report
75083:        586:       12.35%: /scr/howtoscr.html 
50903:        463:        1.45%: /scr/savers.html 
31761:        296:        2.45%: /lu/senses/bwhints.html 
16579:        159:        4.33%: /lu/senses/city-of-god.html 

Failure Report
  239:          7: /damon/songs/christmas.html 
  142:          6: /damon/Recipe/html/img/sushi-small.jpg 


This program generates week-by-week data on the top search queries that brought people to your website.

Links to analog-related stuff

Analog home page. Analog is a program for generating statistics from web-logs.
Analog helper-apps. A list of helper applications.
QDNS. A help-application for analog. Does DNS lookups.