Explicit fusions.

Philippa Gardner and Lucian Wischik. Full version to appear in TCS. Extended abstract at MFCS 2000.


We introduce explicit fusions of names. An explicit fusion is a process that exists concurrently with the rest of the system, and enables two names to be used interchangeably. Explicit fusions provide a small-step account of reaction in process calculi such as the pi-calculus and the fusion calculus. In this respect they are similar to the explicit substitutions of Abadi, Cardelli and Curien, which do the same for the lambda-calculus. In this paper we give a technical foundation for explicit fusions. We present the pi-F calculus, a simple process calculus with explicit fusions. We define a bisimulation congruence, and give embeddings of the pi-calculus and the fusion calculus. The latter embedding is fully abstract with respect to bisimulation.

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