Games as art at the cutting edge

  • Black & White hints and tips - how to avoid micro-management and train your creature. Also my beta-testing report - early in development I tested it for about a week, and wrote about my impressions.
  • Frontier: First Encounters - Manual (PDF, 8.5Mb. This is a VERY large file. I suggest you right-click on the link and "Save Target As...") This is a revised manual for Frontier: First Encounters. It is based on the original fe2manual. I have retyped it, reproduced fresh pictures, added large amounts of material from various FFE web sites, re-organised it, and added an index.
  • Galciv database - a single webpage that lists all the technology in Galciv. This isn't much use as a technical reference. It's more fun to drool over the descriptions and pictures of futuristic weaponry.
  • Europa Universalis faq (PDF) - a historical simulation of Europe 1492-1792. Oranje wrote a faq for this game which is available on his website. I created this version of the faq as just a single PDF document. And Stefan Huszics wrote another faq.
  • Planescape: Torment book - this game is emotionally and philosophically deep. Here is a novelization of the game. Also an analysis of the dead chinese poet, and "No mystical geek controls my actions" (a parody), and a review in the New York Times. It starts: "Is it possible for a computer game to have the intellectual heft and emotional impact of a good book while remaining as captivating as a well-paced film? If so, the first candidate may well be Planescape: Torment."
  • Ultima 9 - the original intended plot.
  • Thief: Dark Project - the lead designer's comments on zombies.